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Savanna is a full-service strategic communications consultancy. We can take your project from start to finish, handle a single aspect of it, or produce a one-off video for social media.

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About Us

Tony Marsh has served as a senior strategic and media advisor on more than 250 successful campaigns in 43 states and 17 foreign countries. He's produced thousands of ads for broadcast, cable, and digital media that persuade, mobilize, and demand a response.

Tony lives in the Washington DC area with his wife of 24 years. Tony Marsh Media is the production arm of Savanna Communications.

Some of our work

Ben Carson for President / :30 secs

Truth Tells / Fight Anti-Semitism / :30 secs

Keith Perry / FL House of Representatives / :30 secs

John Shimuks / U.S. House of Representatives / :30 secs

Steve Oelrich / Web Announcement Video / 2:38 length

Kurdish Democratic Party / Women's Rights / :30 secs

Winsome Sears / VA Lt. Governor / :30 secs

Rick Perry for President / Make Us Great Again / :31 secs

Rob Sobhani for Senate / Maryland / :30 secs

Victor Yushenko for Pres. / Ukraine / :30 secs

Dyncorp / PAC Recruitment / 3:51 Length

Jeff Fortenberry for Congress / Nebraska / :30 secs

Wells Fargo Bank / PAC Recruitment / 1:46 Length

Puneet for Supervisor / Social Media Ad / :45 secs

Rob Sobhani / U.S. Senate / :30 secs

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Why most campaigns lose.

Strategic Error

Most campaigns lose because they never define a winning strategy that describes their voters and the compelling messages that will mobilize them. A successful strategy is more than a list of issues, it's a story people want to read themselves into. Then that story must be told powerfully using a variety of tactical means and media.


Most campaigns don't raise enough money to get their message to voters. Tactics have changed. A thousand gross ratings points isn't enough. You need digital, video, display, social media, outdoor, email, radio, and direct mail.


Let's face it. We don't match the other side with hard work and organization. Most of our volunteers are older. And most of our campaigns take the easy route of putting money on television, and ignore the ground game or don't do it well.

How we help

We'll do the research to identify which prospects you're most able to mobilize and what messages work best with your target audience. Then we'll devise an aggressive campaign plan that tells your story as effectively and efficiently as possible. Finally, we'll create and deliver the means and media you need with passion, fire, and power.

It's a campaign that persuades, mobilizes and demands a response.

We'll also help you build the volunteer organization and coalition network required to assure your story is told by credible third parties, and conveyed by the most powerful means possible: word-of-mouth, neighbor to neighbor.

If you are interested in moving mountains and not just going through the motions, let's talk. We'll answer your questions. Tell you more about how we can help. And figure out together if we're a match.

Just click below and let's get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to get my message out?

Every campaign is unique. Whether president or dog catcher. Or maybe you're a company trying to persuade and mobilize customers. Generally, the most effective way to generate votes or customers, is by word of mouth. But that can be hit or miss. How do you deliver real results.

It starts with knowing who your target audience is and what messages will compel them to act. Once you know that, then you can devise a plan that outlines the most effective and efficient means possible to convey the messages you need them to hear.

That's still not enough. The tactical means you use must be powerful to draw the prospect in. The message must be simple and compelling. And it must be delivered with credibility and creativity.

That's how you energize supporters, build an army, and over come the barriers holding victory back.

How can you know my circumstances when you're based in Washington DC?

We've worked in 43 states and 17 foreign countries. We know how to create the survey instruments and do the vote history research to learn exactly who those prospects are you are most likely to mobilize and exactly the messages that will do so.

How much does it cost?

Every project is different. Every client has different goals and exists in a somewhat varied ecosystem. The national environment may help, or it may have to be overcome. You may already be well known or starting from scratch. There are literally hundreds of calculations that go into creating a successful plan -- from advertising and social media to coalitions and scheduling, and potentially dozens of other aspects of a successful effort.

The best way to get an idea of what success will cost is to talk with us. We know the questions to ask and can give you a rough idea over the phone what what your overall effort will eventually cost.

How important is advertising? Can't I just go door to door?

Of course you can. But the reality is that you are likely to speak with only 15% of the voters if you're lucky. Most won't know you, and once they've closed the door, many won't remember you. It takes constant communication and reinforcement to convey a message and persuade a prospect.

The trick to not spending more than necessary is to know precisely what each tactic does best. Television conveys the emotional thrust of your message. Radio imparts information. Signs reinforce existing impressions. Digital ads target and generate a response. Direct mail informs with little to no backlash.

Using each tactic to do what it does best assures you get maximum impact for the dollars you spend. It also means you aren't wasting time and energy sending out messages that aren't getting through.

How much do you take care of, and how much must I and my staff handle?

Again every campaign is different. Whatever your needs, we can help a little or a lot. We can create the website, write the blogs, manage the email, produce the television and handle everything in between. Or we can work with your crew to assure you're getting the most out of every person on the campaign.

Where do I start?

Right here! Click the "Let's Talk" button, fill out the pop-up form, and we'll give you a call to discuss your unique situation, hopes, and goals. Then, if we decide to take the next step, we'll write a detailed proposal tailored specifically for your effort. The proposal serves to outline exactly what you can expect from us and others who are already involved or who we may suggest be included. Once we get the green light, we'll move to get the research, design the strategy, launch the initial organization building effort, and produce a thorough plan with detailed budgets, timelines, and lines of authority.

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